Dreaming & Planning

In 2011, the Google Customer Insights team published the original five stages of travel planning: Dreaming, Planning, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing. Since then, there has been one small change; including Sharing to be a core constituent part of the overall experience, rather than a distinct phase.

At 383, we believe that whilst the Booking phase is the clearest revenue driver for operators and OTAs alike, it's those who succeed in Dreaming and Planning who will ultimately own the customer conversion.

In this edition of our 10 Minute Guide series, we take a deep-dive into the Dreaming and Planning phases of the customer journey, and look at how brands and operators can seek to master these areas of the experience, and ultimately own the user.

What's Inside?

  • We take a look at the Dreaming and Planning phases of a user’s travel booking journey, and why this is so important to OTA and Travel Operators.
  • An analysis of how brands can work to bridge the gap between Dreaming and Planning, ensuring users who dream with you, book with you.
  • An in-depth discussion with UTrip CEO Gilad Bernstein to understand how they’re serving users needs across these phases of the travel journey.

Featuring Insight from:

Gilad Bernstein UTrip CEO

We have to ensure that along the Dreaming process, every time a user makes a decision or gives you a piece of important information, that's the information that the further experience is built upon.

Gilad Berenstein - CEO of UTrip

Your 10 Minute guide to owning the dreaming and planning phases in the travel sector.

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