The last 10 years have seen a number of technology startups transition from small disruptive teams into established global companies with the remarkable ability to not only grow ‘big’, but to maintain an enviable cadence of innovation and iteration. In this 10 minute guide we’ll examine how these companies are maintaining their speed and agility at scale, how some ‘traditional’ companies are borrowing ideas from technology ‘grown ups’ to build better products, faster and outline the first steps you can take to begin this journey in your own organisation.

What's Inside?

  • A look at how design sprints are being adopted by the C Suite to explore some of the most important customer problems
  • We look at Spotify’s internal model dubbed ‘DIBB’ that helps turn ideas into reality
  • How we validated and prototyped a new digitally enabled delivery service for Jaguar Land Rover using a series of focused design sprints

Featuring Insight from:

Darius Dziuk

Using the Google Design Sprint framework at Spotify has enabled us to prototype and launch a brand new service for runners.

Darius Dziuk - Product Manager, Spotify

Your 10 Minute Guide to Sprints: Innovating fast in large organisations

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