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In this 10 Minute Guide, we look at how financial service providers can make better digital product and market decisions using the Jobs To Be Done framework. This includes how former Travelex’s Dave Wascha applied the methodology when creating the new Supercard as well as tips and advice on what the next steps should be for those creating new products and propositions.

What's Inside?

  • The principles behind the Jobs To Be Done framework and the opportunities that arise from applying it
  • Help with how understanding customer intent can lead to a more informed product innovation roadmap
  • Recommendations and advice for anyone working in the financial services industry on discovering, validating and maintaining new products or propositions

Featuring Insight from:

The application of the Jobs To Be Done framework was invaluable when we were creating the Supercard. The thinking in this guide is equally invaluable for anyone who’s creating new digital products or propositions.

Dave Wascha - Former Director of Digital Products, Travelex

Your 10 Minute Guide to uncovering customer intent

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