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The travel sector has found itself in an era of high friction and low customer attention. In this guide, we examine how travel businesses are combatting this both in the short term through broadened propositions and in the future with experimental user interfaces. We find out more about how Skyscanner are doing this with their integration with Amazon Echo.

What's Inside?

  • We look at how the broadening propositions of some of the world’s biggest travel companies is affecting the industry and customer planning stages
  • An in-depth look at how travel giant Skyscanner is using voice-interface through its partnership with Amazon Echo
  • Recommendations for next steps to validate a new proposition

Featuring Insight from:

At Skyscanner, we want to make booking a flight as easy as Amazon have made buying a book online. This guide is the perfect starting point in that process.

David Low - Developer Advocate, Skyscanner

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