The retail industry is in flux. For years now, digital has driven a prolonged period of societal, technological and fiscal change which has disrupted the retail sector more significantly than any other. In this guide, we put forward three phases of digital business models that exist in retail and look at how a ‘third phase’ of digitally led models is enabling retailers to thrive, not just survive.

What's Inside?

  • We look at the fundamental attributes and characteristics of retailers who are leveraging digital through their entire stack
  • We speak to’s retail director about how their digitally led business model is helping them grow both on and offline
  • We look at a new phase of physical retail where digital is driving wholesale change; from how a store is merchandised and curated, to back-end systems and payments

Featuring Insight from:

Emma Heal

At graze, we’re building one of the world’s foremost snack subscription services. Digital is key and this guide provides a compelling insight.

Emma Heal - Retail Director at

Your 10 Minute Guide to the third phase of digital business models in retail

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