A must read for any corporate entrepreneur working in digital, strategy & customer experience on the various challenges, opportunities and solutions across different sectors.

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Financial Services

What's inside?

  • The principles behind the Jobs To Be Done framework and the opportunities that arise from applying it
  • Help with how understanding customer intent can lead to a more informed product innovation roadmap
  • Recommendations and advice for anyone working in the financial services industry on discovering, validating and maintaining new products or propositions
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Travel & Hospitality

What's inside?

  • We look at how the broadening propositions of some of the world’s biggest travel companies is affecting the industry and customer planning stages
  • An in-depth look at how travel giant Skyscanner is using voice-interface through its partnership with Amazon Echo
  • Recommendations for next steps to validate a new proposition
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What's inside?

  • We look at the three phases of digital business models that exist in retail
  • We speak to graze.com's retail director about how a digitally led business model has enabled the brand to prosper both on and offline
  • We look at a new phase of physical retail where digital is driving wholesale change and make recommendations for brands wishing to adopt it
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What's inside?

  • We look at how the focused ‘Design Sprint’, originally conceived by Google Ventures, is being popularised and adapted to help big companies solve big problems fast.
  • We will examine how companies such as Spotify are maintaining their speed and agility at scale.
  • We will examine how some ‘traditional’ companies like Jaguar Land Rover are borrowing ideas from technology ‘grown ups’ to build better products faster.
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